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Digitization of OOh

Over the years OOH Industry has been adapting new methods, and it wont be stopping anytime soon.

The last few years we saw some brands innovate the way they use billboards to advertise, embedding 3 dimensional elements to their billboards or adding a simple touch of light with Lit billboards.

Brands in today's time look for ways to amaze their audience. The latest addition to this list is Digital signage.

Turning the concrete jungle into a delightful sight.

In a city like Mumbai, which never sleeps advertising on the right medium makes all the difference. Digital signage will be taking it up a notch, no longer staring at the same static billboard.

Digitization of the concrete forest is no longer a far fetched idea, dynamic billboards / digital signage are the newest addition to the OOH family. Just when we taught OOH was picking up on the creativity aspect, it took a leap. A new generation of outdoor ads, Smart Digital Out of Home media.

Creating opportunities for growth that you can finally measure, as more and more people are integrating tech to their Digital OOH systems. With the unprecedented visibility we also get the flexibility to track and modify our campaigns as per our needs. Making way for marketing methods like transmedia and omnichannel marketing.

Marking a new era in the OOH world, with Digital signage.

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