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Our Vision

To Create a Paradigm Shift in the DOOH Industry.

OUR Mission

Bringing about a rigourous maneuver of revamping the DOOH world by implementing flexible data- driven solutions based on

AI and IoT. To later establish ourselves as a key DOOH player

Who we are.

In the world of brick and mortar outdoor advertising, DigiAlly is trying to bring a new age of

Smart Digital OOH

across the country by harnessing new age technologies such as Cloud computing, Machine Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things). We aim to make a seamless experience for the advertisers providing them with three Fs: Features, Flexibility and Freedom.


Our home- grown feature loaded platform allows brands to control advertisements in real time, thereby giving them the power to do better in the same environment. The live analytics feature helps them in tracking the consumer engagement real time, thereby making it easier for the brand managers to measure the engagement and to make informed decisions. The flexibility of advertisement pricing and freedom to add, delete and modify advertisements is unprecedented in India. We also provide packages such as exclusive brand launch campaign packages, citywide telecast packages, a minute blast to unlimited slots and many more.

The brand’s consumers are also in our foresight. Our platform is also fueled by an AI engine which works with a host of IoT devices to create a more engaging experience for brands. These custom-tailored experiences for brands will increase user engagement which in turn, will increase the consumer’s interest into it. The state-of-the-art AI engine is being developed in partnership with one of the biggest technology companies in India to help brands give their customers the experience that they deserve.

how it works

You buy a slot at one of our Times Square- Style signages.


Our Engineering team sets up your account for the bought sites in the next 2 hours.


You take full control of their advertisement feed from any device (Android, iOS, Windows) across the globe through our proprietary Cloud Based Signage Management software.

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